Meaning of life

There does not seem to be a single definite answer to the question about the meaning of life. Some even go so far as to proclaim there is no meaning of life at all. In the end, even if you do find answers that resonate with your own thoughts, you have to define your own answer.

It is very worthwhile to revisit your definition at multiple points in your life. Your perception might be very different at different ages, with different experiences, priorities, under different circumstances.

One good exercise to come closer to your own conclusion is to imagine yourself at the very end of your life. Try to look back at your actual and imaginary life and think about what you most likely would regret:

  • Working towards goals but forgetting to cherish the steps along the way?
  • Never picking up new skills and not putting them to use?
  • Not sharing your learnings and thoughts with others enough?
  • Not contributing and not maximizing your positive impact on this world?
  • Not challenging and improving yourself enough?

By minimizing regrets you will automatically maximize the fulfillment that you experience. This will not necessarily be the all-encompassing answer you were hoping for, but it will make sure that you do not waste your time and maybe even find a realization of purpose.

Another interesting idea is to see life not so much as a journey, but something different. An analogy with music and why life is not a journey:

Clip by David Lindberg with audio quotes by Alan Watts


The meaning in your life specifically: