Shape your personal life – whenever, wherever – on any device

  • Life milestones
    Plan and keep track of key experiences, goals and other milestones.
  • Progress board
    Manage tasks, projects, habits and other activities.
  • Daily pages
    Appreciate and take notes for every day.
  • Notebook
    Organize any topics you can think of.

How to get started

We are currently using awesome to implement the littledots online notebook. NotionĀ is a note-taking and collaboration application that also integrates tasks, wikis, and databases. It is intended as an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management.

The great news is:

  • it allows us to give you a quick preview of our notebook, including example data
  • you can easily duplicate our version and start your own version based on it
  • it is completely free up to a certain amount of notes (should be plenty enough to play around with it for some months and decide if it is the right platform for yourself – if you reach the limit you can always delete old notes to stay below the limit or pay a monthly fee to continue without limits)
  • you can always make your own online notebook using any other platform if you want to